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• Speedy Motors was a pioneer in introducing different services to the market including:

o Introducing the first carwash service in Bahrain in 1974

o Operating the first radio taxi service

o The first to install a metered fare system within their vehicles

Diversity in Services:

• Speedy Motors started out as a car repair garage offering motorists a vast range of services, including: towing, painting, denting, detailing, valeting, and mechanical repairs.

• The Company then expanded in diversifying their services to satisfy the different needs of their clients by offering:

o Car rental services with Europcar Rental Franchise

o Expansion into Saudi Arabia with a luxury chauffer drive fleet

Commitment to Excellence:

• Speedy Motors has always been keen to provide their customers with excellent services. By doing that, the company always tries to be up to date with the latest technology and excellent vehicles.

o The Company recently revamped their website in terms of design and made it easier for their customers to do their vehicle booking online.

o The Company also just launched their new taxi fleet, adding to their notorious Crown Victoria with the even more spacious Ford Flex.

Speedy Motors was founded in 1974 by H.E. Shaikh Khalid bin Mohamed Al-Khalifa with the vision of developing the transportation market in Bahrain.

Phone: 17 682-999

Area: Isa Town



Type of Service

  • Bodyworks
  • Engine Servicing
  • General Servicing


Weekdays 24/7
Weekends 24/7


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